Webbed feet…

I’m watching out the window as the rains come down yet again. No good thing can come from this much rain. The hillside trees will lose their grip on the soil and simply tip over. If we get strong rains?

Well, then I’ll have a lot of trees down I think. It was so wet from the last round of rains that the low spot in my driveway that is flat had green sand. Yes, the sand got moldy green. Eww. I’m a lucky person. Our creek is 150 feet below me in elevation. It is a nice walk downhill to it. However, I imagine there will be more flash flooding. I’m not worried for me.

I worry for those folks at the end of my creek, where it empties into the Black Bottom aka Reads Creek by the nursery. All the dry runs in the valley above Readstown empty towards the Kickapoo. Those folks don’t need to add to their soggy misery. The businesses that were flooded have been closed since August 27th. The employees have no place to go to work other than to clean up Kickapoo Mud. Just as we thought we may have a chance to dry up? Bam. More rain. ‘Piles’ of rain. Inches of rain.

Hurricane Florence? That is a horrible disaster. I can’t even imagine how those folks are going to deal with their losses.

I do know that my rain gear is my friend. My chore boots are my new pals and my feet are growing webs in between them.

I just saw a mule putting on one of our life preservers so she could go wandering down in the woods.

Time to shut those gates.

Stay well, stay dry.




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