Time to catch it up.

August 13th.

Hubby was refusing to eat, drink, or take his medications. I called the Triage line for the VA.

He was admitted as I’d predicted he would two weeks before. I’d said we were a run away train headed for a major crash and this time I hoped I could save him too. The doctor that came from the psychiatric floor did seem to have a bit of hope to offer. A new type of treatment and of course some of the older methods including Electric Shock Treatment…though these days they call it something else.

He mentioned a Ketamine Infusion treatment. I was curious and while we waited in the ER department I ‘googled’ it of course.

Let’s skip forward to now. The Ketamine Infusion seemed to work along with a week long stay in the Ward. One on one therapy and group therapy for Severe Depression, Long Term Depression. Rich is different. He has a better attitude. He seems interested in some things.

He is getting his ‘bossy’ back too.

Yesterday he actually walked back and forth on the flat spot of our driveway. He exercised on purpose. I’ve had him help me out with simple chore items too when I can.


It didn’t make the Vascular Dementia go away. I can tell Rich in the morning what is on our ‘schedule’ for the day and what we are having for supper. By supper time, he is perplexed as to what I am making.

I am trying hard to learn NOT to expect him to be the person he was. I am trying so hard to not get upset when he can’t understand or recall anything I have told him. Or when he gets confused when I try to describe what needs to be done on the farm.

He also gets upset if I am gone too long while running errands. Two hours are the max that seems to be acceptable to him.

This isn’t how I dreamed of our life together. But he is here. And he smiles at me.

And that is good enough right now.


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