Good News?

We sat down with Rich’s PCP and she looked at him.

How are you?

Him: I’m dying.

She: We all are since the day we were born, but I am not being flip. You ARE far from dying.

She went on rapid fire, but stopping to look to make sure Rich understood what she was saying.

She: You are severely depressed. Enough that the Neuro-psychologists notified me, notified Dr. Feris, and Dr. K. Your meds will need adjusting.

Me: It seems that every few years his meds quit working and we enter into a crisis mode. Last time was 2012.

Dr. Sauvey nods and keeps up her rapid fire typing.

She: Exactly. We are taking you off the Tamulosin tonight. It isn’t helping you and perhaps we can find something to replace it, but obviously, it is helping with one issue but creating bigger problems. Regarding your aneurysm, …

Him: They can’t go in right?

She: — Stares right into Rich’s eyes…  If you go in alive, you come out alive. No big deal. You will be fine. And I am starting you on Aricept for Dementia. I think if we can pull you out of this Major Depression and do some other things, you WILL feel better.

Me: I’d like to discuss home oxygen. [Rich makes a face, he doesn’t want oxygen.]

She: Yes, and I am going to order a stress test with cardiology and an appointment for follow up on your Medronics Loop implant. How on earth does our Cardiology department not know about this?  Richard, if you are starving for oxygen you will have confusion and feel like crap, at least with home oxygen it will help with that.

…she orders a quick test with a nurse and we are excused.

Indeed. Dr. Sauvey is one of those doctors who doesn’t mince words and plows forward. I know that she is booked to the hilt with Veterans and deals with many health issues. She has been a godsend for sure.

We leave and go find some late lunch. The heart healthy choices aren’t great but we eat anyway. Over lunch I ask how he feels about meeting with Dr. Sauvey. His answer is his new mantra.

I just want to feel better.

And I wish that the VA system would work just a bit faster than it does. Perhaps if we can get some things lined up, he can feel better.

Dr. Sauvey thinks we can toe the line for a while on Dementia. I sure hope so. She seemed so positive.

I’m going to take any good news we can get and run with it.

Cardiology had left a message on our home phone number regarding setting up an appointment. Dr. Sauvey works fast.



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