What happens now?


Meet Ms. Sunshine. She is the daughter of my first horse. I trained her years ago. She was born in 2000? I think? She was always passed over for the larger more personable Badger who was her half brother. Then Siera came into the picture. Gorgeous Bay, gaited mule with a kind demeanor.

When my grand kids started to learn to ride, I put them on the ever sensible Siera. I started riding Sunshine again after a 5 year lay off. Sunshine had matured and developed some very mulish common sense.  Do I dare say it? She is now my equal favorite with…um, Siera, and … Mica. How very lucky I am to have these three available. I trained both Siera and Sunshine. Mind you they won’t win big shows, but they know how to get through the woods and don’t freak out at everything.

Well, I digress. I got sidetracked by my excitement over bare back riding so close to Christmas.

I consider Christmas a time of making ‘nice’ or compromising. However family and relative ‘duties’ are to be recognized and taken care of. So I bow to do the right thing.

For Christmas Eve I want no obligations. That is the time I want set aside for thought and looking inside myself. I can do that while walking. I can do that while riding a mule. Or…I can simply sit quietly in any place and ruminate. This is the time I think of my whole life, of those I’ve lost and loved, of times that will never be again…and conversations once had. I also realize that this is the night I set my resolve for hope and believing in ‘Magic’. What magic? I don’t know, I just know this is a special night for me. Full of sorrow and wonder. My hear aches and it soars.

I want to spend time with the animals at the stroke of midnight.

I want to be alone in my thoughts.

However, first I must make sure that those who demand the traditional gatherings are taken care of.

Only late in the night can I take my selfish ME and indulge in wonderment.

I allow myself to believe in Magic for one night. Magic and Wonder.

And what now? I await the moment that Rich goes to bed and I settle him in. I’ll turn on the lights. I’ll be out in the cold to feel the magic happen.

And it does.


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