OH My… Moms

Moms. Old moms. Will I get to be as frightening as my mother in law or my own mother?

Message from Mom today. “You can come visit. your dog morris is not welcome. my new Dog doesn’t like dogs. what time are you going to be here? MOM”

Okay there’s  story behind that message. Mom threw a fit and called me all sorts of names when I called her on Christmas. She hung up on me. She is a piece of work, that woman. Twice she has made me “Dead” to her own little world. Twice I’ve managed to repair whatever imagined slight it was to reunite with her.

Personally I believe she is a Toxic Person. She loves angst, control, bitterness, and guilt. She thrives on misery and sharing it. After all, what kind of 83 yr old can get thrown out of TWO Senior Centers in 6 years? However she is my mom. Like it or not. I almost preferred to be dead again than to visit. Isn’t that sad?

I will visit her for a day and perhaps scoot out at the end of the day and head to my eldest son’s place. I won’t bring my dog who is a travel nut.

My mother in law is on the opposite spectrum. She was watching shopping home network and decided that she needed a cell phone. She bought one “over the TV” [her version of ‘over the interet’ and it came. It came in pieces and needed an internet connection to start it.

Slaps forehead repeatedly. Over and over. I do some work and decide that she can send this one back and I will go to Walmart and get her a phone set up with my old Tracphone number. I’m sure I will have to upgrade her to a smart phone so she can see and press the icons. I doubt she could use the buttons on my older flip phone. We shall see.

Well here is the new year. Dealing with the elders.

I hope I do not become one of them…although I am sure I will.


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