Me me me…

Two years of going going going. Doing all the farm work last year and working nearly full time while husband recovered from Throat Cancer.

This year it is the never ending house remodel.

While I don’t regret a moment of the house remodel, or helping out as a loving and awesome caretaker, I put myself on back burner. Caretakers do that. They stop doing for themselves and do all for the other person.

I told my husband that every evening that I could from now on, I would ride my mule. It may be for 10 minutes bareback in the yard,…or it may be for an hour just to clear my head and work with her.

I am doing something selfish and for me. ME.

I am still accompanying him to all of his follow ups ~ which are good so far. And I am painting, purging, cleaning out old stuff and repacking things for the house.  Right now it is the upstairs bedrooms I am working on. What a mess.

Who collected all of this crap?

I have until November 5th before I have house-guests to get some rooms picked up and settled. However. I may get a pillow type futon for a spare bed. NOT a big huge new bed that lazy step son in law wanted. Pfft. I am making our old bedroom into an art studio for me. ME! Me again!

How great is that?

I can be selfish and be okay with it for once!

Happy days.



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