Well isn’t that interesting?

My husband got a new provider through the VA system. She is a Nurse Practitioner.

That in itself isn’t that big of a deal, but please don’t sell these NP’s short. I’ve had a Physicians Assistant for nearly 20 years and I love her to death…

But that is beside the point. This NP ordered a blood work up on Rich. She wanted to really take a look at everything. The NP shared with Rich that she was two years out of Brain Cancer and Colo-rectal cancer. So she gets cancer and she understands how a cancer patient feels even after being free of treatment for 15 months.

I wonder why no one checked on Rich’s thyroid before? He complained about being so tired. Of course my husband is a napper. He loves his daily naps. And sometimes he runs out of gas and gets frustrated because he needs to ‘nap’. I will add that he also has COPD which doesn’t help him in the ‘feel great’ department.

His thyroid numbers came in poorly. Under active thyroid. Well, she believes that some stray radiation cooked up his thyroid.

Rich really needed to pin his exhaustion on something. This is a diagnosis that can help him cope with his constant tiredness.  He’ll be put on some thyroid medication.

His other readings came out with a few concerns. However the NP said she wasn’t that upset by his numbers. For a man his age and what he has been through, she felt he was doing quite well.

This is where I stop typing and throw my hands into the air with my invisible pom-poms.

Yay Team!

I find it quite interesting that if people have a malady and can’t put a finger on it the cause or give it a name, they are bothered by it. However, once a malady is given a name, they seem to deal with it better.

Rich appears to feel much better now that he knows when he takes a nap he can point at his throat and say “Thyroid!”



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