Hostess without the Most-est

I have a ‘family’ expecting to show up ‘sometime’ this weekend. I’ve taken their son, my grandson canoeing, hiking, fishing, and have been teaching him how to ride all week.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a blast and it has been good to see this young awkward kid really shine in this environment.

His parents. They expect to show up and drop off the other sibling and their pup and then make their merry way to a motel [only because I don’t have a spare bed]. They sleep in until whenever, then decide to show up to the farm and hang out or expect my husband to cut wood for them.

They now believe that since I’ve been remodeling and have a nice new kitchen, that I will prepare all the meals and set it up on my nicest table cloth  and dishes. Sorry folks. Martha Stewart I ain’t. I am no Paula Deen or Rachel Ray, nor do I ever intend to be like them.

While I am busy with their children and ill behaved dog, they will pop in and plop their fat arses down and ask what is for…supper or lunch, or whatever meal they decide to come for.

I’ll point to the kitchen and tell them to help themselves and clean up after themselves. I’m busy with the kids …

Oh and I am putting a kibosh on the wood cutting. No more wood. They expect us to cut it and then wait all day for them to show up and load it into their trailer.  Hey. Whoops! It is ash wood!

Sorry no can let you have it. It will spread the ash borer bug. Son in law has no respect for our time and I’m going to finally return the favor. Of course I’ll do it nicely, with a smile.

Poor hubby. He does have a tendency to let his daughter walk all over him with her false sweet sickly voice and smiles. Ever see a person who looks like they are making such an effort to be sweet and happy that they look like they are going to weld an axe and start hacking people up? That is her. She means well. I think.

I’ve had a great week teaching this 10 yr old how to ride, we took him fishing, I took him canoeing. He has been a charm and a sweet guy. When his sister and parents aren’t around he positively shines like a little light bulb.

So when his parents come waltzing in after I’ve done a few midnight shifts and look for the Hostess with the Most-est. They shall find her lacking. They more likely find a bedraggled old woman welding a machete with a wicked grin.

After all, the sweet corn stalks are dead and need to come down this weekend.





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