Menopause, Marriage, Money, Men

So I am not sure as to why I picked that order for the title. But you have to admit, it is a grabber. And they all seem to work against or with each other if you are a woman and you are married.

Anyone who has been married for a while will understand the money/marriage aspect of it. Well actually I’m not sure you can separate Marriage/Money/Men. Not at any stage of a marriage.

When I was first married my husband and I struggled daily to make ends meet. I was a penny pincher and accounted for every cent, or tried to. He was a “keep up with the Jones’s” type. No matter what, he had to have the latest and best of everything to show that he was doing well.

Marriage number two. Alas! I met a penny pincher too! Both of us hate to spend money on anything unless it is necessary. Buy an old car? Awesome! Better if your son gives you a real beater that can be fixed up. Wear clothes until they literally fall off? Great!

I admit though, because of our “pinching” and lack of spending, we were able to purchase a new car when he got throat cancer. Our old good deal wasn’t going to make the daily drive for radiation treatments and chemotherapy. Because of our combined penny pinching we also paid the thing off in one year. 

Okay enough of that.

His money, my money. It seems no matter what marriage or what relationship there is always going to be an argument about that. I think we solved it by having ‘his’ and ‘her’ accounts. We agree on the budget and what each pays for. I think we ended up doing well there as we rarely argue about the dreaded money issue.


What an either delightful change in your female body or a horrid change. During Menopause you can have those dreaded hot flashes. I loved them in the winter. I could go stand outside in a t-shirt and jeans…or if I was at work, I could stand and do my job without a winter jacket when it was 10 degrees outside.

Jeeze and who doesn’t miss the monthly cycle? I tossed that box of tampons into a special ceremonial fire and praised the God of Infertility and Hot Flashes when I stopped having periods. 

How does Menopause affect Marriage? Oh. Well. I’m not sure we all want to be informed. But it changes those intimate times. You know when your hubby is acting like a hormone crazed teenager and you are like…

What? Hmm? Yawn. “I’m sorry honey, you want what???”

And then the intimacy thing happens and after a while you find yourself purchasing “Kentucky Jelly” [figure it out]. Other nights while the intimacy rages on, you find yourself thinking about the grocery list or what you need to get done the next day.

For God’s Sake. Don’t tell him about it. Smile, kiss, and try to put your to do list on the back burner. 

In the end, if you have a good man and a good marriage all these items can be juggled.

Yeah. But.

I still let my mind wander at night and think about my ‘to do’ list when I shouldn’t be. 

I almost feel guilty.

But then I don’t.



3 thoughts on “Menopause, Marriage, Money, Men

  1. You are crackin’ me up here!! And the menopause thing? seems to affect everyone different cause there was only ONE list on MY mind!! And it had NOTHING to do with Groceries!!


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