And so it goes.

Why is it that a woman seems to be able to think and plan better? Is it because we actually had to give birth to children and raise them along with all of the other responsibilities?

I know women get knocked in the carrier world for having kids. But I believe that any woman who has given birth and raised children should be automatically promoted to a management job. After all, who can co-ordinate changing diapers, getting bottles ready, and juggling toddlers whacko schedules.

And then you have men, not all men, but my man. Who will stare at a wall that he is fixing and stare at it. He knows he has to work on it, he knows exactly what is required. Then he heads out to the shed to get ‘something’ to help with the work and…gets lost in something that distracts him in the shed.

At other times he’ll work on the ‘house’ wall project with great fever and when the first thing goes wrong. He stops. Yesterday he did exactly that. I said to him, “Think calm, think okay…”

He points to the wall and says, “But it is not perfect.” He shows me the imperfection and I laugh. I couldn’t see it unless I got on my knees and peered at it closely.

“That?” I inquire, “Isn’t that were the hutch goes? If someone is going to climb behind that sucker and exam the wall that closely, they are going to get a kick in the arse.”

“Besides,” I say, “I love this house and it suits me. It is slightly wacky, strange, and if it is imperfect, that is great…it is just like me!” I pause and tell him he can quit work or continue, his choice but if he took a breath or two and chilled out, he’d do okay. Surprise. He actually follows my advice.

I’m in the kitchen coordinating the drying of veggies and spices, making crab apple juice, and homemade from tomatoes…scratch spaghetti sauce. I’ve just come off from 36 hrs of 12 hr shifts. I’m tired but I am thoughtful enough to keep on task. This stuff needs to be done or it will be spoiled.

I find myself managing my husband when he is home. I have to gently offer up encouragement and be ecstatic about the fact that YES! He got half the yard done! And then quit. Um, not sure why but there you go.

I feel like sometimes I am managing a child that embodies a man who is 67. However I am not complaining really, just making an observation. Perhaps he has adult ADD. Yep, that could explain a lot.

And onward we go. I’m going back to a wicked schedule and am trying to leave things here so that he can continue on task. Of course 3″+ of rain last night will mean that the yard will be impossible to finish.

I won’t mention the west yard which was where all the fill was dumped and spread after the basement was dug. I have small grand canyons of washouts there. I have suggested a friend who has been in here before come with his dozer and reshape our yard and driveway.

So far, it has fallen on deaf ears.

And so it goes.



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