Things that make me angry

I can’t believe I let a comment by a pretty lame user at a social media site concerning the passing of our beloved old Night Champion Black and Tan Coon Hound.


Her words: “I hope she didn’t die tied to a tree.”

My answer to her comment was: “Really? Jesus.”

That made me furious.  The thought of me holding Mona two days ago and realizing that her hind legs were nearly paralyzed made me know that she was in pain. She told me with her eyes that she’d had enough.  The vet confirmed it.  I wanted to wave a magic wand and make her better, but you can’t do that with an elderly hound dog.  I spent most of the night checking on her and put her to sleep gently in the early morning.  

I went to her block and saw that she posted a photo of her supposed cattle operation.  She complained that the cattle were calving and they were having trouble. Well the photo showed them covered in snow with no bedding, piled in a paddock in what looked like some not so great calving conditions.  

Duh, I can’t for a moment believe she is real as any rancher and even myself who raise cattle and sometimes colts…YOU don’t calve or foal in January!  Not unless you have a huge barn to let the give birth in.  They are born wet, and die of hypothermia.  

Even if you pasture breed like we do…don’t turn the bull out until 9 months before Spring! Duh, pretty simple.

Anyway snarky I left a comment on her blog asking why she bred for January calving?


Other news.  Rich will have surgery on his upper eyelids and they will be removing the skin cancer spots from around his eyes in March.




4 thoughts on “Things that make me angry

    1. No surgery now. We have to see dermatology first and that is on April 20th. There are enough suspicious spots on his face that will require Moh’s surgery and they want to keep the excess skin to repair the damage from the Moh’s surgery.
      Depending on how long this cancer was there will decide how far in and how much ‘face’ they have to take.

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