What today?

I found a message on my cell phone.  It was Dr. Rahim from Oncology.  He left me a detailed message that he had ordered a CT scan of Rich’s abdomen “as a precaution” and because he is detailed.

In August we’d gone to the ER because of stomach pain that was intense.  The doctors at Boscobel thought it was a blockage and did a CT scan.  The doctor who had dx’d Rich’s throat cancer the August previously was there and gave us the print out of the CT. He wanted me to give it to Rich’s provider and his oncologist.

I asked him what it all meant.  The lesion on the adrenal gland? The remark by the doctor who read the CT?  What was the “nonspecific sclerotic density in the right iliac bone, that should be further evaluated by a nuclear medicine bone scan?” At the time I worried when he said that could indicate the beginnings of bone cancer.

See you live in fear of someone finding something…anything once a diagnosis of cancer has been reached.  

Rich’s diagnosis of having nodules of skin cancer around his eyes in several spots was alarming to me.  But he did his male stoic thing and shrugged it off.  He did say however, that the locations caused the eye doctor to be concerned enough to schedule biopsy and surgery to take them off and while they were at it, they would nip his upper eye lids which sag and block almost 30% of his vision.

He has been feeling run down the past few days and I did try to explain to him that subzero weather was hard on those who have COPD and who have had radiation treatment.  

“Where did you read that?”

“Well honey, it was actually in the audio that I took with our first meeting with the oncologists.”

Sad note.  We lost Mona yesterday, our eldest hunting hound.  Good note.  I still am waking up next to Rich each day and for that I am grateful.



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