Mr. Fix It

I was locked out of this account and finally worked around a way to get back in and saved a new password.

Crap that was a lot of work. 

They say it is good to marry a fellow who can ‘fix’ things.  And truthfully over the years my darling dearest husband has fixed many a thing and even fabricated a thing or two.  Sometimes I am amazed.  Sometimes the job he is ‘gonna’ do takes  a very long time. And sometimes, well, it doesn’t get done.

Take the Allis Tractor in the shed next to the round pen.  It needed something and so he took it apart and got a part of the engine taken apart too.  I guess it started with the starter.  But when he found another starter it was ‘too much’ for an old starter.  In the mean time he found a bigger tractor at auction and brought it home.  The other Allis sits with a blanket over the engine and has been there since it chugged it’s last breath.  Let’s say 10 yrs ago?  There is another old skid steer that is partially taken apart.  A Mini Mac.  It holds tools now and a bunch of other ‘things’.

Oh and the 199-something Toyota pickup.  Now he keeps threatening to get that back running, but a few weeks ago he spent hours re-arranging the stuff in the bed of the truck so he could organize his fencing supplies nice and neatly.  I scratch my head.  Certainly the truck could be either fixed or hauled for $.  A storage unit is not really its best use.

However, he did take a 1995 Chevy Cavalier and put new struts, new brakes, new tires, and some sort of gasket on it.  I drove that car from 120K miles to 199K miles without a hitch…and it didn’t cost much to fix.

See?  He can fix things!

Then came cancer.  For a long time we didn’t think about fixing, and when something needed fixing, I tried to get it done.  Fencing…I did it on my own without his supervision.

But then my Jeep got a leak in the tranny pan.  “I can fix that,” was the mantra.  “Let me take it in,” was my request.  6 months later, the tranny pan was removed, he ‘fixed’ the leaks, changed the filter, and put it back on.  Did I say that the Jeep sat up on ramps for 4 months?

He has been driving the Jeep for the past 3 months and everything seemed to be okay…he told me when I went to take it to get groceries that the Jeep was a bit low on tranny fluid and the engine light was on.

So I took the Jeep to get groceries.  I parked and glanced under the Jeep. Hmm.  Looky there.  Tranny fluid dripping slowly onto the parking lot.

So I ask Hubby the Fixer if I can make an appointment to take the Jeep in because obviously welding up the seriously weak pan didn’t work and was only a temp fix.

Guess what?

“NO! I want to fix it!”  It is -4 outside.  The Jeep has a leak.  It is -4 outside, his truck has a fuel line leak.  “NO I WANT to fix it!” echoes this insane little voice. I know we need two vehicles and we need the truck. Why does Mr. Fix It put things off? The reasonable fix is a new tranny pan … which was the reasonable fix in the first place…

Argh.  I married him and had a sense that he was this way.  “I’m gonna…”

I laugh.  My mom’s significant other was the same way.  In fact my mom wrote on her kitchen wall with a huge black marker the following:

“I’m Gonna.”

I want to be angry, yet part of me decides that I still need to be gentle. This man went through cancer hell and back and I still see him as a bit fragile. So I guess I let him have his way.

And so it goes.






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