Some days

I get a bit frustrated.  My husband is a good patient if I am home and ‘nagging’ at him.  He eats when I feed him, he does his PT when I suggest it, and we do Tai Chi together when I insist.

However, when I am at work, he snacks instead of eats…he doesn’t do his therapy and he says he is too tired for Tai Chi, which really improves his attitude and mental being.

I can’t be in two places at once.  Today is honey do day.  I’ve finished with the Christmas stuff and have some errands to run.  Wednesday is a no car day, Thursday is a 6 month follow up and CT scan with the oncologist.  I work 12 hrs Friday and Saturday. Sunday we go to his daughter’s house.

Monday I head to young son’s place.

My not so good patient will have 3 days to fend for himself.  I dare not leave him for any longer than that.

After the Holidays, I will have to go visit my mom and oldest son.  And…well of course there will be work, and lots of 12 hr shifts to get used to.



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