Worn out.

Really.  My body has just been telling me this and I’ve been ignoring it. I’m done in, and exhausted.

I think I now know where my husband is coming from.  I’ve hit a wall and can’t push through it.  No I don’t want sympathy at all.  I just want to feel a bit more normal than what I have been lately.

I went to see the doctor on Wednesday after my Mammogram.  Well I saw another PA instead of my doctor who is so hard to see.  Anyway I saw Julie again [she is young and smart!…How did I get to be so old?]  She said the Vaginitis had come back.  And swabbed my throat for Thrush.  Really?  Ewww.  But my tongue had been burning and as for that other part?  Thank you Menopause for screwing my body up.

Thank you Stress for exacerbating what is really not much of a big deal.  I have to swish and spit some really nasty crap in my mouth just in case it is Thrush even if the lab came back negative on that.  However little did I know that there is a most irritating condition called Burning Tongue Syndrome.  Yes, there is.

Burning Tongue Syndrome

Burning Tongue ~ BMS

Of course since I haven’t had any stress in my life lately, or suffer from a hormone deficiency [cough cough]…however interestingly enough, if I eat any candy or have a real soda [I don’t drink sodas very often], or eat out, my mouth is on fire in less than an hour.

It looks like I’ll be a guinea pig for those who may want to grab some blood or do more tests of course.  Fine, anything to narrow control this burn in my mouth. Tonight I ate a homemade peanut butter cookie.  Let me say, it tasted like…cardboard.

As for the other, I’m on some medicine for that also and will be prescribed an extremely low estrogen cream to put in the affected area.

Too much info?  Sorry.  The cream bothers me as my sister has had hormone related breast cancer.

But the doctors are assuring me that this is super low and not permanent. 

I’m supposed to be off work, but have volunteered to assist mom in law.  I realized Thursday while we were there that she wouldn’t be able to take down her fall decorations and lug the big tubs of her Christmas decorations up and down from her storage room.

Hubby says I must have fallen on my head, I was being too nice.

Plus mom in law will be having cataract surgery.  I guess I am the one to volunteer to take her and to also do her home care.  I don’t mind, she is a good woman and has always been a wonderful mother in law.

That wraps this up tonight.  My bed is calling.



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