When Friends Hurt.

It is no new big secret, I have a new friend that I met on a social media blogging site.  At first we sort of tip toed around each other.  I have to admit, she was bolder at getting me to agree to meet up.

Of course I was hesitant because everyone knows that you meet psycho weird people on the internet and if you go meet them, they are not the kindly person they pretend to be, but some sort of Neanderthal that chops people’s heads off with a wicked axe.

Well this person wasn’t.  She and I have so much in common and I suppose a few things that are very uncommon between us.  However  both her husband and mine have gone through cancer treatments.  Horrid, awful chemo and radiation.  Her husband had to go through surgery first and recover from that.

Our guys like old cars.  She does too.  I call the guys ‘car geeks’.  I like old cars because I think they are cool to photograph.

We went out to supper last week and ate and talked…and talked.  And I learned so much by listening to her husband and mine talk to each other about how the cancer treatments had affected their entire beings.

I liken it to the two men having gone to war and coming out on the other side changed people, both physically and mentally.  I realized that there is no way I could ever 100% know how either of them truly felt unless I too walked a proverbial mile in their shoes.

I just learned that N. had the results of his MRI and they found spots. Basically your mind shuts down when you are a cancer patient, or ex cancer patient when you here…”We found something.”

That word “something” or “spots” turns into a mind numbing nightmare until someone official with a white coat tells you what it means.  The waiting is another type of nightmare all together.

An ultrasound was scheduled and done.  And then…then?  Nothing. They have to await results from that for how long?  Waiting on news such as this is more than agony.  It is another kind of personal nightmare.  I know that N. is having severe and unimaginable pain too.

That is what my friends are going through.  And it feels pretty damned awful.

No one should have to wait on this sort of news.  Ever.


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