Children and the internet

What you don’t know won’t hurt you right?

Well, wrong.  I have a Google+ account and my grand daughter who is 12 has one also.  Once in a while I pop in to see what she is up to.

I am surprised and dismayed to find that with her interest in MLP, or My Little Ponies, that she has quite a few Pony friends.  Dig a bit deeper and they are Brony’s hidden in her friends.  What is a Brony? A male who likes My Little Ponies cartoons.  Okay, that in itself is a bit strange.

But what in the heck does a 19 yr old Brony have in common with a 12 yr old girl?  Oh, gosh, it is just the internet so don’t get all worked up right?

I wonder sometimes where the parents are in this scenario?  Grand daughter has many friends posting to her wall, and I happen to know that mom and dad are stricter than thou church folk who frown on a lot of the language I see being posted privately.  So one, mom and dad … you need to learn to use the internet as well as your daughter, and two,…your daughter is not the innocent little girl you think she is.

How about a friend that comments …”I like you!”  You see the profile and it is rather strange.  No name other than a made up one.  You look a bit deeper and find that this is a man with several profiles [or what claims to be a man].  His other profiles are about being a bully and Pro Wrestling.  I question Grand daughter in an open discussion about it and she claims it is just one of her 12 yr old friends messing around.

I tell Grand daughter to look at his/her profile and let me know about Pro Wrestling and Bullying and the creepy avatars used.


Internet silence for the rest of the night.  Grand child is mad.  I go back into my account and see she has deleted our emails. Creepy Person is no longer her ‘friend’ on Google+. Grandma wins this one but makes a 12 yr old angry.  I still have the emails, she deleted them from her acct but can’t delete from mine.

Next time I find that she is conversing with creeps, I’ll hack into her account and ADD said creep to her mother’s friends and see what happens.

I’ve lectured mom over and over.  Even shown her that her daughter is using multiple profiles.  Yet?

Oh my daughter would never do that!

12 yr old children should not be allowed their own laptop in their own bedroom with a shut door, free to browse and converse all day and literally until all hours of the night.

It just is not healthy.

Shut the computer down and go out to play.

I spent months each year as a kid without TV, Radio, and never suffered a bit. Unplug your child from social media, and a word to the wise.

Google+ really is not that different than Facebook.

There, I got it off my chest.


4 thoughts on “Children and the internet

  1. Last note, I asked my grand daughter to do some checking into it herself and guess what, she emailed me and said I was the Grandma Yoda of the Internet and was very wise. The creepy guy was blocked by her from seeing her account. Grandma won this time!


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